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Pando Moto Los Angeles, CA, USA
Sep 27, 2018
Full time
BECOME OUR AGENT If you know how wheels roll in moto industry – let us know. Become a part of our awesome family. At PANDO Moto, we’re looking for people who share our passion. We value not only our customers but our partners as well, therefore, we use top-notch supply chain and inventory management system. We have ‘hands on’ approach when it comes to marketing our product. We actively visit bike shows, such as EICMA, Intermot, etc. We have established good relationships with the best-known bloggers in the moto industry already and collaborate with world-renowned brands, such as Harley Davidson. What we offer is the highest quality production, providing the necessary safety for bikers, together with the unique street-wear style.  WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are seeking a passionate, creative individual that shares our core values and relates to our mission statement. A leader with a demonstrated ability to think outside the box, develop a “one-of-a-kind” sales approach, and develop strategic relationships and partnerships. Someone who will not take “no for an answer.   If you think you have what it takes to help us meet or exceed this goal, we look forward to meeting you. RESPONSIBILITIES AND EXPECTATIONS: Grow all markets Respond to all inbound inquiries in a timely fashion. Develop new accounts on a retail and distribution level. Achieve sales goals. All of our reps receive a monthly volume goal to meet (or hopefully exceed). Create new prospects New dealers are one of the lifebloods of continued company growth. You will receive all dealer inquiries submitted however, it is extremely important that you have the capability of acquiring new dealers independently. This includes cold calling and prospecting. Effective communication in today’s market, it is vital to communicate frequently with our dealers. We expect regular emails to communicate with existing dealers and keep them updated regarding important new product rollouts or wholesale specials. Own and implement a network-wide newsletter. Customer A/R The majority of this is managed in-house, you will need to contact customers routinely to assist in servicing their account. Attend industry trade shows/expos  This would include some Onewheel driven trade shows. Trade shows are an exceptional platform to market and educate the public about our brand and products. Time management Candidates must be efficient at managing and scheduling their time to maximize sales performance. QUALIFICATIONS: STAND APART   - Being innovative by taking a different approach to what most consider standard. Proven ability to lead and manage change. The successful candidate will have a high sense of urgency and flexibility, combined with the ability to inspire others to accept change, be different and achieve more than they thought possible. COMMUNICATE   – Talk, listen, and question. Candidates must have superior communication and interpersonal skills. Candidates must have the ability to be persuasive, form relationships, tailor the message and delivery to a variety of audiences including customers, employees, and executives. An internal/external customer service orientation is essential in order to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization, and key strategic business partners. BE CREATIVE   – Candidates must be able to look past the obvious, while not ignoring it and assimilate these observations and thoughts into an executable idea. Experience generating new business in the current marketplace and in new markets is a must. Candidates must possess genuine business creativity, with the innate ability to see business opportunities that may not be immediately evident and find win-win solutions. RESPECT   - Candidates must have regard for people, ideas, material things, etc.–both ethically and for their inherent qualities. We want our brand to be respected by consumers and competitors for what we stand for and as a major representative of the brand, candidates must have respect. PASSIONATE   – Candidates will have enthusiasm and commitment towards personal activities, goals, and directions. Affinity for the product and the target consumer is a must. The ideal candidate will embrace the active lifestyle defined by our product and must be able to relate to the entire vertical consumer chain. Strong record of achievement and demonstrated willingness to ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’, with a ‘can-do attitude’ is critical. EXPERIENCE: 3+ years experience in sales. Develop new accounts on a disribution and retail level. Experience in small to medium-sized businesses is desired. Understanding the operational standards of a fast-paced rapidly growing small business will be a key to flourishing in the environment. Track record of driving significant revenue and profit growth. In addition, the ideal candidate will have proven brand building experience. Inside sales or independent agent with experience in outdoor and sporting goods sales preferred. Contact -
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